Are There Benefits To Using A Knee Brace After Surgery?

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Are There Benefits To Using A Knee Brace After Surgery?

If one or both of your knees become severely damaged due to injury or disease of the knee joint, your physician may decide that you are a candidate for knee replacement surgery if the pain is preventing you from being able to perform normal activities without pain or discomfort. Knee replacement surgery is often recommended after all other non-invasive methods available have been used to try to address the issue adequately.

What Is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Also referred to as total knee replacement surgery (TKR) or knee arthroplasty, it is considered to be a procedure that is more about resurfacing the knee rather than entirely replacing the knee joint. If the knee pain is caused by a tear in one of the ligaments in the knee, the patient may undergo ACL surgery.

For a total knee replacement surgery, four steps are involved in the procedure. The first phase includes the preparation of the joint. During this process, the damaged cartilage and bone end from the fibula and tibia are removed. Some healthy bone is also removed during the process.

wearing of the knee jointMetal implants are fitted over the surfaces of the joint bone. This is achieved by either the use of press-fit implants or through cementing the metal implants into place.

Finally, a disc-like plastic implant is then inserted between the metal pieces of the knee joint. These plastic implants act as a ‘spacer’ that allows the necessary lubrication the common needs for movement.

Although this is one of the most effective methods for treating damaged knee joints, the question remains. Are there any benefits to using a knee brace after having knee surgery?

Having A Successful Recovery

Before your surgery, your surgeon will inform you of not only the benefits of having this type of surgery, but also the risks and complications associated with the surgery. However, your surgeon will take every precaution necessary to minimize your risks such as blood clots, infections and hemorrhaging.

Knee Braces ?” A Necessity?

In the majority of cases, knee braces are not necessary after knee surgery. Some studies have indicated wearing knee braces after surgery can offer more protection for the healing graft. Multiple studies have also shown that patients who used a knee brace post-op healed faster than those who did not wear a knee brace after surgery.

Unfortunately, some surgeons do not see enough of a benefit with a knee brace to prescribe one after surgery. Therefore, the decision to prescribe you with a knee brace will be dependent more on your surgeon’s preference rather than any scientific data.
There are several advantages to wearing a knee brace including:

•    Your knee will be able to rest
•    Can offer protection if you slip or fall
•    Can help maintain leg extension

There are also some disadvantages to wearing a knee brace including:

•    Knee braces can become uncomfortable
•    Some patients may be more prone to falling
•    Normal movements may be hindered

Patients who want to return to high-level physical activities like marathon running and professional sports may wear a knee brace, and even though there are studies that state knee braces do not prevent a re-injury, the majority of patients choose to wear one anyway. If you want to be more active during your recovery you can check out the options on www.unloaderkneebracehq.com
Knee braces that are designed for post-op ACL patients are explicitly designed to help patients who have instability.
full recovery to is possible after ACL ruptureSo, what is the problem with unloader knee braces? They can offer support when a moderate amount of force is introduced to the knee. However, when a significant amount of power is presented that can disrupt an ACL that has been reconstructed, the concern is that a knee brace may not be able to stabilize a reconstructed ACL.

Despite the scientific data, more and more athletes are feeling more comfortable with using a knee brace once they return to sports after ACL reconstruction surgery. Fortunately, there is no risk of harm to the athlete if he or she chooses to continue wearing the knee brace.

If you decide to wear a knee brace after knee surgery, only wear one that has been prescribed by your surgeon. OTC (over the counter) knee braces are not designed to be used after this type of surgery. Also, make sure that you schedule regular appointments so your doctor can adjust your knee brace as necessary.


Why Plastics Are Still Important

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Plastics have gotten a real bad name lately. There have been numerous articles and news items about the increasing environmental impact of plastics.

The huge amount of floating plastic waste in the pacific is hurting fish and marine species.

Plastic waste in landfills takes decades to decompose and can contaminate the water.

You would say that plastics are the worst thing in the world. But this is not the whole picture. Because plastics are also the crucial components in many inventions and developments that are saving the planet.

Weight saving in cars is largely due to the increased use of plastics and composites. And the decreased weight is one of the reasons for lower fuel consumption.

Recycling of plastics is often a lot easier than metals. And recycling is one of the best ways to get rid of all the dumped trash.