Plenty of people are surprised to learn that vaping has been around in some form for possibly a thousand years. However, it wasn’t until 1927 that the first e-cigarette was invented and then in 1963 that the smokeless e-cigarette was made. It was also tobacco-free at that point in time. Now in the modern age, you can get vaping juices in hundreds of different flavors, with or without nicotine, and you can mix your own as well. Here are some of the key points in the argument of vaping vs. smoking.

Which One Is More Dangerous?

You’ll get a lot of people that are quite emotional about this particular point. From looking at the list of ingredients and the amounts of carcinogens, it’s pretty obvious that tobacco cigarettes are far more dangerous than vaping. However, some people do go to some lengths to vape liquids that mimic the flavor and nicotine content of cigarettes. This is the most dangerous form of vaping, by far.

Still, if you read the actual ingredients, there are only about 1% of the amounts of carcinogens in what a person inhales while vaping. And, if you can switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, and then continued lower your nicotine levels, you’ll end up living quite a bit longer than if you keep smoking cigarettes.

The Harmful Chemicals In Cigarettes

In the list of harmful chemicals produced by smoking tobacco, you’ll find at least 20 that are known as poisons or carcinogens. Nicotine is possibly one of the most potent, and it can be very poisonous as well. People that smoke a lot are partially immune to the poison, but it’s still causing problems with their heart and circulatory system. It is also one of the most addictive chemicals known to man.

In addition to nicotine, there is formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, polycyclic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, and benzene. These are all harmful and poisonous in higher concentrations. Over time, some things like the element lead, build up in your body and cause long term brain damage. There are huge stories about how damaging lead is to younger children, causing mental problems, violence, and learning disabilities.

Vaping Also Has Its Own List Of Harmful Chemicals

Since the vaping process doesn’t actually burn the liquid but vaporizes it at high temperature instead, there are fewer potent poisons. Of course, the nicotine can be added to the vape liquid as well, but it can also be reduced gradually over time, in order to kick the habit. Once you get past nicotine, the rest of the chemicals used in vaping liquids are far less toxic.

The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are edible, but probably best if not smoked or vaporized. A key point here is that smoked involves fire, and vaporized does not. There are a lot of ingredients that turn toxic when burned that are perfectly harmless or edible otherwise.

And finally, there are the flavorings, nearly all of which are food grade, edible, safe to consume when eating them or drinking them. Long-term studies have not been completed to see if they change their chemical structure when vaped so that they’re harmful. Some states, like California, have taken the lead in investigating the various vaping juices, then came up with a list of those that could possibly be harmful.

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When It Comes To Cost Savings Vaping Wins

With the taxes that many states have now imposed on cigarettes, they are approaching $10 or more dollars per pack. While many smokers will tell you they only smoke a few cigarettes per day, a quick look at the full ashtrays around their house tell a different story. Many people are actually smoking a pack per hour, rather than a pack per day.

At any rate, 7 packs per week would be $70 or more in most states. That would equal $3640 a year, or enough to afford a pretty nice car on payments. Keep in mind that the health problems like emphysema, cancer, heart attacks and more, will cost far more than all the cigarettes you ever buy.

Vaping is far, far, cheaper. The original vaping e-cigarette starter pack might run you $50, but there are better prices online. If you vape quite a lot, you’ll go through about $15 per week of vaping juice. If you’re an avid fan of vaping, you can buy juice online by the gallon and save way more. You can mix your own flavors, add nicotine or not, add CBD oils for inflammation or anxiety, there’s a lot you can do.

When looking at vaping vs. smoking, it’s pretty obvious that cigarettes are more deadly and more expensive. However, vaping isn’t without some danger and it’s not completely free. If you’re already paying for cigarettes, then you’ll save tons by switching and maybe live a lot longer too. But if you haven’t started yet, it might be better than you spend a lot of time investigating before you do.

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